The story

Some days, you just feel lucky to be where you stand. It happened to me the first days of May. I attended a very special convention, the Chimériades V. It's better defined as a gaming vacations, set in a castle in the South of France. It was awesome: great organization, great games, great players, great panels and very special guests.

Glorantha Panel - Chimériades V - May 6, 2016

One morning, in the inner courtyard, under a centuries-old cedar, Jeff Richards and Ken Rolson held a panel about Glorantha, the incoming books and games, the future. Needless to say that the attendees were delighted, asking questions and suggesting ideas.

I was sitting next to Ken. He started to talk about the intimacy, we, players and gamemasters alike, have with the world of Glorantha. Then he murmured that it would be awesome if we could share this intimacy. At that point, Ken's face and smile indicated that it was a really cool idea, besides a little crazy one!

This website exists only for this purpose. Sharing our Gloranthas, our experiences with the cults, the heroes, the people and the adventures. And celebrating our intimacy with Glorantha.